Programmable Ramp Soak PID Temperature Controller XMTG-7000

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The XMTG-7000 is a programmable temperature controller commonly used in industrial and laboratory settings. It is designed to monitor and regulate temperature levels in various processes and equipment. The controller offers advanced programmability and precise temperature control.

The XMTG-7000 operates by continuously measuring the temperature using a built-in or external sensor. It compares the measured temperature with a user-defined setpoint temperature. Based on this comparison, the controller adjusts the output to maintain the desired temperature.

The controller features a programmable interface that allows users to define temperature profiles and set up complex temperature control sequences. This programmability enables the controller to perform specific temperature ramping, hold times, and other temperature-related operations as required by the application.

The XMTG-7000 employs a control algorithm, often PID (proportional-integral-derivative), to achieve accurate and stable temperature control. The control algorithm calculates the control output based on the temperature error, integrating past errors, and considering the rate of change of errors. This ensures precise and responsive temperature regulation.


Programmable Temperature Controller

– Temperature/time segments: 32/32
– Two lines. (Real Temperature “PV” / Required Temperature “SV”)
– Maximum Time (minutes) – 9999
– Highest temperature: 1300 C
– Measurement in Celsius only
– Dimensions 50 x 50 x 120 mm
– Black

Is fully suitable for all our brand programmable kilns.


User Manuals

File Description File size
pdf XMTG-7000-Programmable-Thermocontroller-User-Manual 1 MB
pdf Work with XMTG-7000 1 MB

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