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The REX C-100 is a temperature controller commonly used in industrial and laboratory settings. It is designed to monitor and regulate temperature levels in various processes and equipment. The controller offers precise temperature control and can be configured to suit different applications.

The REX C-100 operates by continuously measuring the temperature using a built-in sensor or an external one connected to the controller. It compares the measured temperature with a user-defined setpoint temperature. Based on this comparison, the controller adjusts the output to maintain the desired temperature.

The controller employs a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control algorithm to achieve accurate temperature control. The PID algorithm calculates the control output by considering the current temperature error, the integral of past errors, and the rate of change of errors. This enables the controller to respond quickly and accurately to temperature fluctuations.

In summary, the REX C-100 is a temperature controller that utilizes a PID control algorithm to regulate temperature levels in industrial and laboratory applications. With its precise control capabilities, flexible configuration options, and communication features, it plays a vital role in maintaining stable and accurate temperatures in diverse processes.


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